Concert-time at the Academy!

November 30, 2011

OVERHEARD AT SKI PATROL: “Mr. Alford, I’ve looked everywhere in the tool room but I can’t find a left-handed monkey wrench.  Does anyone else know where it is?”

The only reason you have not seen the “Sunbears” flyers all over school is:

  • A- you don’t actually live on campus or go to school here
  • 2- You have been walking around with a ski hat over your eyes for 2 weeks (hey, could happen….)

So this begs a question:  Just WHAT is a Sunbear?

So I did a little bit of exhaustive research (Google) and I came up with the following things:

According to, the Sun Bear is one of the smallest bears, weighing only 100 pounds. They are also known as Honey Bears.  And they eat lizards and honey.  With their extra-long tongues.

According to the Sun Bear is good friends with the Reticulated python.  “One of the world’s longest snakes, the retriculated python sometimes reaches more than 30 feet in length. This constrictor ambushes a variety of prey, including deer.”   It is also buddies with the Eld’s deer, “A rare, skittish deer with a reddish coat.”

Not sure what happens when Sun Bear, snake, and deer get together to scrapbook.  I bet Sun Bear sits in the middle, though.

I’m also not sure what all the signs all over campus mean, but I think they mean that there will be a concert on campus soon!  Stay tuned for more info, I guess… Maybe a snake and deer will show up too….





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