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May 4, 2013

Hello glogworld!

This weeks post is only effective if you all respond!

My fellow gloggers and I are looking to close out this year in an exciting way. We decided that our next few posts would be profiles of each glogger and after that, each post would be based on a common theme.

SO. Here is my question to you readers out there, what do you want to hear about?

Let us know! We’re looking to have a great end of the year.

See you soon!



3 Responses

  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    I’ve enjoyed hearing about life at Gould and getting to know the gloggers a bit through their posts. I’m happy to hear whatever you decide to write about, but if you’re looking for a common theme, maybe a favorite thing from this past year?

    Thank you to all the gloggers for sharing your thoughts and experiences, and giving us the flavor of Gould each week.

  2. Avatar Tracy Hiebert says:

    How about some advice to the new incoming freshman or students.

    “If there is one piece of advice I could give you…”


  3. Avatar Hunter Herron says:

    For some common themes you could write about your summer plans, top 5 favorite Gould memories, top 5 people who have had the most influence to you and why….just some ideas.

    Alsoooo, I like the advice for incoming freshmen, but you should also do lessons I learned while at Gould that everyone should consider.


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