Comida, Amigos y Marden’s!

October 24, 2012


To add to Mr. Alford’s post on the visiting Spanish students, I wanted to talk about my experience so far hosting!

Last March, I joined Mr. Alford and a couple other students on a trip to Spain! I stayed with a student, Belén, for a week in Zaragoza, took a day trip to Barcelona and spent my last night in Madrid.

This weekend, as part of a student exchange, the Spanish students arrived! Belén is currently staying in the dorm with me. We are living in one of the empty rooms on the first floor, and Belén is living the dorm life! She checks in with me, goes to assembly with me, and also has gotten a chance to go to some of my classes.

During the weekdays she is pretty busy, going hiking, trips to North Conway and Portland, and also some cooking lessons ex. So this past weekend I took the opportunity to hang out with all the Spanish students!

On Saturday, I gave everyone a tour of the campus, and then we headed over to the Ruby’s! We made cookies, brownies, watched chick flicks and played Apples to Apples. Later that night all the Spanish girls, Madison, Nika and I went to Cho Sun for dinner. But the eating didn’t stop there. After dinner, we all went to my room finished off the brownies until 9:30 snacks, which were “tiger burgers”.  So it’s safe to say, everyone went to bed with a full tummy.

The next day we all went to MARDEN’S! I love Marden’s. As some of you may know, Ms. Head, you NEVER know what you’ll find in Marden’s, and you’ll also never know if you’ll see it again. Everything one sees in Marden’s is an once in a life time opportunity.

After a successful Marden’s trip, all the girls headed over to Mr. Penely’s to make some gluten free apple crisp thingys. They were absolutely delicious, and very fun to make. We literally never stopped eating this weekend.

So I guess you could say it was a pretty successful, and filling weekend. 

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This week Buddha says..


“In every trial, let understanding fight for you.”


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