Comeback of the Underdogs

November 1, 2012

Hi everyone!

I was thinking about what I could glog about, I reached the conclusion ‘what other than JVA soccer’s inspiring victory over Kents Hill’?

It was the first playoff game of the JVA soccer team. Since it was a playoff game, it was ‘win it or finish the season’ and our opponent was Kents Hill who beat us both times we met during the regular season. As Mr. Hoyle said we were the underdogs coming in to fight a difficult battle, with a discouraging previous record and in their home field.

But man, did we play. That was, without a doubt, the best game we played all season in terms of intensity and will. We had the upper hand in terms of possession and momentum all game, and we defended well their final vicious effort to tie the game. In the end, we beat them 1-0. It was an upset – the comeback of the underdogs, truly inspiring.

JVA soccer team, I am so proud of you all. Now let’s beat Hebron in the finals!


Please cheer for us, and until then,


Min Jae


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  1. Avatar Chris Davies says:

    When and where is the game..?

  2. Avatar ryan laperle says:

    @Davies 2:30pm @ Hebron

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