October 16, 2007

Hey everybody, sorry this ones so late, but this is the first time I’ve had the internet so far in my travels. Your probably reading this and wondering, where is he travelling? Well, seeing as how we have this extended weekend, and I’m a senior with the sole mission of getting into college, I’m doing a college visit! I left home today and went down to Boston, and looked at Tufts. I liked it alot, it was a really nice campus, alot of trees, squirrels, grass, and brick buildings like Gould. But its also just a quick T ride from the heart of Boston, which is a huge difference from Bethel. I’m pretty sure I want to be close to the city for college, I’ve lived in the tiny town of Bethel my whole life, so why not a change of scene.

Since I’m not in classes, this weeks trivia will have to be a little college trivia, you ready? What is the Tufts University mascot? This ones pretty easy, but its a BIG deal to them, its not really a black and white matter, alot of GRAY area. Big D is not allowed to answer this question, that would not be fair.

Oh yeah, Reed was right about last weeks trivia, there would be a limit! Good for you Reed, maybe I’ll give you a prize next time I see you. Tommorow I’m driving down to Providence to catch a tour at Brown University. I remember looking there with my brother Finn when I was a Freshman, but all I really remember is playing lacrosse on a field on top of a building. I was young and naive.

This last weekend was filled with parents, I always like to play the game where you look at parents and try to figure out whose they are just by how they look. Try it next time, loads of fun. The weekend was filled with sports games though, those field hockey women brought home a win for GA, they’re intimidating! With the sticks and headbands and they way they growl, they look like a pack of Xena Warrior Princesses! I don’t know how well I’d play against them either, but hey, as long as they keep winning they can start wearing war paint for all I care! “Slammin” Shannon Littlefield is a force to be reckoned with, trust me.

Parents also went to shortened classes of their children. My mom made a point to go to my classes, even though she works with all my teachers, but whatever floats your boat Mama Don! She was telling me later that she got caught talking to Mother Swofford in AP Calculus class, and Mr. Lynch was saying how the two mothers were just like their sons. Now he knows where I get it from.

Well, thats all I’ve got for now, sorry again for the late entry. We’ll all be back at school on Thurday…yaa-ay. But at least I’ve got that test in DC’s class to look forward to. Keep reading everybody and we will meet again in one week, be there or be square. Anybody understand that phrase, because I don’t! I always wanted to know too, so can somebody figure that out. Thank you, and now I’m really leaving.


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  1. Avatar S.W. says:

    hahahah gray area, it’s jumbo the elephant, Marty.That said I have a midterm tomorrow and need sleep, one love.

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