College is Coming

October 13, 2010

On this fine week at Gould Academy, the college counseling office is giving us a day dedicated to college awareness.  The sophomore’s take the PLAN, the Juniors take the PSAT’s (the freshman do whatever freshman do), but most importantly the seniors have a “college awareness day,” designed to make us more nervous than we already are in the process of applying to college.  These nerves effect us in different ways, as an example it seems that the senior girls have gotten even louder and and even more temperamental as if this is what colleges looked for in applicants.  (I feel as though I will get in trouble if I don’t mention how boys are also probably getting rowdier and meaner).  But luckily for the girls, the meetings tomorrow will hopefully provide them, and the rest of us with some comfort and tranquility.  My blogs following this one will mostly talk about how my friends and close friends are effected by the approach of the all-mighty ideological being we call college, and how we prepare for it in our last year of high school.

I know that most of the people at Gould and probably most of the people reading this blog are Red Sox fans, which gives me the even greater pleasure in congratulating the Yankees on a sweep over the Minnesota Twins in the ALDS!  And let the baseball gods guide them past the Rangers.s.

As I always say, Yankees fans hate the Red Sox, and the Red Sox fans hate Yankee fans.  Until next time…


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  1. Avatar Todd Ormiston says:

    Red Sox in 2011! Maybe?
    Glad to have you aboard the Glog Train, Alex.

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