College Counseling Workshop: Interviews & Visits

January 8, 2021

The first of five upcoming college counseling workshops will focus on college interviews

The How, Why, When, and If of Demonstrated Interest in College Interviews & Visits

Next Wednesday, January 13, the College Counseling Office will present the first of five virtual workshops open to all Gould students and their families. In this workshop, we welcome Darryl Jones of Gettysburg College and Kennedy Carlick of New York University to interrogate how, why, when, and if to “demonstrate interest” at colleges through college visits, college interviews, and more.

The concept of demonstrated interest refers to how applicants demonstrate their knowledge of and desire to attend an institution. When the average high school student applies to seven or more colleges, demonstrated interest can become a key metric for college admissions offices to determine the likelihood of enrollment and success.

Director of College Counseling Brooke Libby will host the event and is asking students to consider how this information could inform their college search, and how it might impact their college application.

College Interviews & Visits Presenters

Darryl Jones will discuss college interviews and visits with Gould familiesDarryl Jones

Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Gettysburg College | (He/Him/His)

Darryl Jones has worked in Admissions at Gettysburg College for 35 years. He has extensive training in public speaking and connecting with audiences across the nation and around the world. Jones is a frequent presenter at NACAC, PACAC, and the College Board and helped establish the first college/university partnership in the nation for the CollegeBound Initiative in New York, Philadelphia Futures, and The Academy Group in Chicago. Jones was honored with the William R. McClintick Jr. Service Award in 2011 and, most recently, the Delwin K. Gustafson Recognition Award in 2020. He is an avid musician, a lobster roll connoisseur, and recently starred in an episode of HBO’s We’re Here.

Kennedy Carlick will discuss college interviews and visits with Gould familiesKennedy Carlick

Assistant Director, NYU Admissions | (They/Them)

Kennedy Carlick is an Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at NYU. They recruit students from Ohio, northern New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Maine and enjoy helping students find their way to their best-fit college. For the past three years, Carlick has been an incredible resource to Gould students applying to NYU. A New Jersey local, you can often find them hiking a trail or sleeping under the stars. Carlick enjoys reading and writing about gender, birdwatching, and spending time with their beloved pet rabbit, Louise. If you see them around NYU, feel free to stop and chat about the local bird species—especially the pigeons of Washington Square Park!

Demonstrated Interest through College Interviews & Visits
Wednesday, January 13th | 8 pm

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