October 20, 2014

Dearest Glogions,

We have reached the much needed, fall parents weekend break. 5 days of relaxing fall fun conveniently placed right when you feel you might explode. For us seniors, this fall break takes on a whole new meaning. While some of you students are sleeping in, watching tv, and hanging out, us seniors are over here pounding out college essays, cramming in last minute college visits and more or less freaking out. We are less than two weeks away from the November first early application deadline. That’s right folks, in less than two weeks a good portion of us seniors will be applying to college! COLLEGE, it is really happening. Crazy!

Last Wednesday was College Awareness Day at Gould. Everyone from freshmen to seniors spent the day pondering college. Us seniors visited two different workshops tailored to help each of us with our individual college needs no matter how far along we were in the college process. We brainstormed on whiteboards, drew venn diagrams (never though I’d use those again but they’re actually pretty handy), edited essays, discussed who we were and how to answer those obscure supplemental essays, prepared for interviews and more. By the end of the day I know at least some of us felt a little more prepared to take on “college”.


Dr. Clarke’s approach to college essay brainstorming. Can you guess who’s who?

Last Wednesday also happened to be the day I received my first college acceptance. With it I started to think, “Wow, this could be where I’m going to spend my next four years…”. This realization both calmed me and caused my heart to start racing. Today I visited college, tomorrow I’ll work some more on my essays and hopefully in less than two weeks time I’ll be ready to send out my applications! Till then though, I hope everyone is having a delightful, relaxing fall break! Till next time,







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  1. Avatar Chris Hayward says:

    Congrats on your first acceptance Melissa!

  2. Avatar Nancy says:

    Yes, congratulations Melissa! Very exciting:) Hope you had a good break.

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