Pine Hill Ski Trails Work

August 13, 2012

Look at all those brush piles. Trails looking nice and wide!

Getting the trails ready for skiers!  There is a chainsaw involved in this operation.

Draggin em out. We’re going to have a huge bonfire.

Took a little break to make an addition to our field drills. Actually, it was a long break. It took a while. And still a little crooked. Needs minor adjustment.

Speeladder made with some old alpine gates – coach handiwork.  Skiers – get ready to learn some new tricks!



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  1. Avatar Tara says:

    WOW coach kline- you rock! Hopefully the BMA team will be able to make it over to GA sometime to check out the trails! Keep up the work, coach!

  2. Avatar JackWElder says:

    Keep up the hard work on the trails Kline! I bet you’ll get strong lifting all those logs out of the woods.

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