Classes and Temples in Quanzhou

March 24, 2014

We all had a great Monday here in Quanzhou!! Students returned from weekends with their host families with lots of stories to tell. Most of the them were able to meet up on Saturday night for some karaoke. Some had the chance to visit the local zoo and aquarium. It sounds like everyone had a great time, and the students are making some great friends with their hosts and their families.

Students started the day with a calligraphy class followed by a class on the history and culture of Quanzhou. After the morning in class we were all invited to a question and answer session with the English teachers here at Quanzhou. Students had some great responses to the questions teachers asked about the differences between Chinese and US schools. It was great to hear what they had to say about Gould and their education at Gould.

We were all lucky enough to have a second calligraphy class. It is a fascinating art form, our teacher made it look so easy. But, it’s much harder than it appears.

Ella Calligraphy      George Calligraphy




Ella and George working on their calligraphy skills.


Grace Calligraphy    Joe Calligraphy

Grace and Joe getting some one on one attention from the students in the class.


Joonho Calligraphy with the Master     Jordan Calligraphy      Kim Calligraphy


Joon, Jordan and Kim practicing.


Sam Calligraphy       Sean Calligraphy

Sam and Sean are naturals at calligraphy!


We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the temples, churches, and mosques of Quanzhou. One of the most exciting stops was at the Kaiyuan Temple. It’s a beautiful temple nestled into the busy streets of Quanzhou. We were able to look at all the buildings and get a history lesson from one of the history teachers at the Quanzhou school, Sean was out interpreter, he did a great job!!



And of course after the long day we had to stop for a snack. Here’s Grace getting a delicious spring roll. It looks like she is enjoying it.

Grace on the Street


Another great and busy day tomorrow, we are looking forward to it!!


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