China and Tanzania Departure Notes

March 10, 2014

Dear Parents,world

It’s finally here! In just a few days, the Gould Academy ninth graders will be embarking on an incredible journey to China or Tanzania.  It is SO EXCITING!!! Please have a look at the departure notes below for both China and Tanzania travelers and parents.

Be sure to follow the blog and the china-l/tanzania-l emails for news and updates throughout the trip.  The blog is an awesome way for all of us to share in some of the wonderful moments ahead for our students.  If you have questions or concerns at any time, feel free to call me, Pat Donovan (207-461-3576) or the AOD/Administrator on Duty (207-592-4322).


On Thursday, those leaving from Bethel will meet at Ordway Hall  at 11:30 am. Others will meet at the Boston Hostel International between 3:00 and 5:00 pm.  Don’t forget to bring some money for dinner at the food court.

Colin Penley is in Beijing already, making sure the reservations and plans are set and ready to go. He will be waiting for all the students and faculty in the Beijing airport when they arrive on Saturday.

Remember  …. medium sized suitcase and a carry-on, host gifts, camera and batteries, airport food money, positive attitude, ready for adventure!

Below you will find the flight information for the Boston to Beijing trip and the individual flight itineraries for the trip to the four school destinations.  We’ll remind you of the return flight details when the time draws near. Please feel free to contact Pat Donovan, if you have ANY questions, at or (207) 461-3576.

TRAVEL ITINERARY FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 14, Boston to Beijing, China:
Depart Boston, Delta # 2582 Friday March 14 at 7:10 AM (Terminal A)
Arrive Detroit Friday March 14 at 9:27 AM (E.h. McNamara Terminal)

Depart Detroit, Delta # 0189 Friday March 14 at 1:35 PM (EH McNamara Term)                                                                                                                                       Arrive Beijing Saturday March 15 at 3:10 PM (Terminal 2)
TRAVEL ITINERARIES for THURSDAY, MARCH 20 & 27  (Host School Visits)
Depart PEK BEIJING Air China #4114 Thursday 20 March at 12:00 pm (Terminal 3)
Arrive CTU CHENGDU Thursday 20 March at 2:30 pm (Terminal 2)

Depart CTU CHENGDU Air China  # 4107 Thursday 27 March at 10:00 am (Terminal 2)
Arrive PEK BEIJING Thursday 27 March at 12:25 pm (Terminal 3)

Depart PEK Beijing Air China  #4172 Thursday 20 March at 12:10 pm (Terminal 3)
Arrive KMG Kunming Thursday 20 March at 3:30 pm

Depart KMG Kunming Air China #4169 Thursday 27 March at 10:40 am
Arrive PEK Beijing Thursday 27 March at 1:40 pm (Terminal 3)

Depart PEK BEIJING Xiamen Airlines #8114 Thursday 20 March at 4:05 pm (Term 2)
Arrive JJN JINJIANG Thursday 20 March at 6:50 pm

Depart JJN JINJIANG Xiamen Airlines  #8113 Thursday 27 March at 12:00 pm
Arrive PEK BEIJING Thursday 27 March at 2:50 pm (Terminal 2)

Depart PEK BEIJING Air China #1223 Thursday 20 March at 12:25 pm (Terminal 3)
Arrive XIY XI AN Thursday 20 March at 2:30 pm (Terminal 2)

Depart XIY XI AN  Air China #1204 Thursday 27 March at 10:00 am (Terminal 2)
Arrive PEK BEIJING Thursday 27 March at 11:50 am (Terminal 3)

This week we discovered that we needed to bring sleeping bags for the safari. Gould Academy has purchased the sleeping bags and you will have to fit them in your carry on bag. Leave room in your carry on bag for a small sized sleeping bag.

Pack your host gifts.
Purchase extra batteries and memory cards
Play around with your camera and its settings.
Take your malaria pills Sunday morning and Monday morning.

Please feel free to call Ms. Shifrin with any questions or concerns. (207-381-7278)




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