Chilly Morning at Foret Montmorency

December 1, 2012

The secret is out and it is getting busy at Foret Montmorency – our time slot was 7-9am today so the GACP skiers woke up for an early (and beautiful!) morning:

After 4 days of easy distance skiing, drills, quickness, speed work and generally getting our feet back underneath us, we went for a bigger workout today.  2×20 minutes at threshold with 8 “pickup zones” per interval for the J1s and OJs; 6-8x 1k with 2 pickup zones per interval for the J2s.  Coach Blazar following Marcello with some interval feedback:

The temperature was around 0˚F when we started (hovering right around the FIS minimum for racing, which was news to some of the skiers!), and rose to around 15˚ as the sun came out. Everyone had plenty of clothes, and boy was it pretty!  Sadie stopping for a drink:

The camera is playing a trick here – if Trent’s face had actually been that red, I think we would’ve pulled him inside earlier!  The older boys post-workout:


Caleb led the J2s through the workout:

Stoneham is open with two lifts turning.  The guys have been hitting up the base area for some night skis.

One last team photo from Quebec, in front of Le Chateau Frontenac.


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