Chengdu Pandas!

March 18, 2016
Our first full day in Chengdu was a fabulous one! We met up with the students this morning and everyone was abuzz with excitement from their first night at their home stays. Their giant bags of snacks show how well everyone is being well taken care of! We then departed for the Panda Breeding Center, which welcomed us with blue skies and warm weather.  This was my second time there and, if memory serves, we saw way more pandas today.
Group Panda Center

Excited to see the pandas!

Cassidy and Kayley

Cassidy and Kayley basking in this beauty!

Panda 1


Panda napping

The pandas are SOOOO cute!

Jacob and Greg

Greg and Jacob are ready for lunch

We enjoyed a wonderful meal in the center at the Bamboo Restaurant featuring a lot of delicious bamboo! Our next stop was the Jinsha Relics Museum.
Greg lunch
Lunch Ashley, Stella, Kirsten


Lunch Tony and Cindy

Yummy lunch of bamboo, rice, pork, veggies, and fries???

Golden Panda Group

This is a wonderful group and we look forward to the next few days with them.

Jinshi group

Jinsha Relics Museum

Ashley photography

Stella photography

The group is excited for the weekend with their hosts. It seems that some or most will be together at some point over the weekend. The opening ceremony is on Monday and we will be back in touch to let you know how the weekend went.

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