Chengdu 2 Has Landed

February 22, 2011

First, to help avoid confusion we refer to our two Chengdu groups and Chengdu 1 (the group with the Bakers at Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language School) and Chengdu 2 (the group with the Whittingtons at The Foreign Language Experimental School Affiliated with Tanghu Middle School.)  Trying saying that three times fast and you’ll see why we simply call ourselves “Chengdu 2.”  Anyway, Chengdu 2 has arrived safely and the kids were greeted lavishly with armloads of flowers and smiles, albeit some of them nervous smiles, all around.  Since it was already after dinner time, and we all know kids must eat, and eat, and …  they headed off quickly for dinners with their host families.  We’ll get together in the morning for a greeting ceremony, and then a day in school.  More to come as our adventure continues.


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  1. Avatar Cathy Martin says:

    Thanks for the update! Looks like Chengdu has some great weather ahead. We are freezing back in Newry so enjoy the warm temperatures while you can!

  2. Avatar Ellen Blackwell (Annelisa's mom) says:

    We’re not quite freezing in Southern California, but Chengdu was warmer than we were this morning. Enjoy!

    • Avatar Annelisa E says:

      Hey mom,

      We can’t get onto our emails here, but I thought I’d say hi since this is the only way i can think of right now to contact you. I’m in Chengdu and so far its going really well. I’ll see you soon!

  3. Avatar Ali Martin says:

    Hey mom, we can’t get on our emails here, so hi! I’m in Chengdu as you can see and we have another 6 days here. I saw Diana today, Alec is staying with her. I might have dinner with her sometime this week. We can get on the computers after lunch, but only for a little bit. I just wanted to say hi and I miss you!

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