Chendgu CEFLS has arrived

February 21, 2012

We woke this morning and went for a walk after we finished packing. We explored the area around the hotel visiting the newer restored hutong and also the older traditional hutong. It was a great walk as we did some shopping for snacks, tea and baked goods at the local huton produce market. After our walk we headed to the airport for our 2 1/2 hours flight to Chengdu. We were greeted by an administrator and teacher from the school who took the students to the school to meet their host families. I cannot wait until tomorrow morning to hear about the students first night with their host family.

Our students stop for a photo on our morning walk

A morning walk through the local hutong

Loading up on some snack food


OK I couldn't pass up throwing in at least one photos of the children who learn to pose at a very early age!

Stop 2 was a tea store where we sampled some tea and some snacks

We finsihed our walk at the local hutong food market

Here some of the students boutght baked goods and tea

Writing in the journal while waiting for our flight



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  1. Avatar Mama says:

    So glad to be seeing and hearing about the trip:) And now that the groups have split, we’ll have even more to keep up with! Love it:)

  2. Avatar Leslie says:

    Thanks for keeping the pictures coming. The kids look like they are all having a wonderful time. Thanks Gould.

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