April 10, 2014

Happy Thursday Everybody!


It feels like we’ve finally got back into the hang of things after a long and relaxing march break.  Seniors have started counting down the days until their graduation (50 something maybe?).  New perspective families toured the school on Revist Day earlier this week.  The snow is finally starting to disappear on the upper field as leaves start to bud on the large maples throughout campus.  The first day in the 50’s today caused many to break out their fresh pastels after a long winter buried in the back of the closet.  Spring has finally sprung at the Academy!

Coming back to school after the long month away, many were surprised to find the famous towering pine trees on the hill between the upper and lower fields cut down.  Initial reactions were definitely mixed from the student body, but I think we are all getting used to the change.  Personally, the change it to grow on me.  The mountain view is truly amazing, even greater than before (yes, it is possible).  As the dust settle and everyone’s opinions are expressed, rumors are abound about what Gould could possibly with the new space.  Some of the best I heard included:

– Amphitheater seating for the lower soccer fields

– Space for an extension of the Fields House to include a new fitness center

– A new spot for solar panels to power the campus

– Mountain bike trails

– Just a nice landscaped place to relax and hang out with friends

– And maybe even a ski jump!


Whatever the outcome may be, I’m sure we will all continue enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the backside of Sunday River.


Pre-cutting (Creds to Gould Academy on Facebook)

View Pre-cutting (Creds to Gould Academy on Facebook)


View Post-Cutting

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  1. Avatar Dr. Don says:


    Thanks for posting the “before” and “after” photos.

    I, too, was (at first) “shocked,” shocked to learn/see that those trees had been cut down. It really does “open up” the view to the west. (I noticed they kept the tops of some trees. We now sort or look “under” them. (Truth be told, I remember when there were no trees there.) I think former headmaster Bill Clough would be proud and happy about this development. (He always hinted to us that “they” should “go,” but never really received a consensus as to what to do.)

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