CEFLS Welcomes Gould Academy

February 22, 2012

The students arrived at school with their hosts and attended classes before we were introduced to the entire school at a welcoming ceremony in the courtyard outside. The students were given a school uniforms as a gift from the school. Following the ceremony they learned and took lesson on Chinese paper cutting. We then headed to lunch at the school followed by a visit to the Jinsha Site Museum. This museum sites on the archaeological site of Jinsha culture (1200–650 BCE) discovered in 2001 during the construction of a bridge. The gold sundisk found at this site is the logo for Chinese cultural sites throughout china. After a guided tour of the museum we watched a 4D movie about what life might have been like during the Jinsha period. We then traveled to the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum where we had the opportunity to explore the interactive exhibits about science, aerodynamics, space, mathematics, robotics and physics technology. Here we got to opportunity to watch robots perform a choreographed dance. We then went across the street to walk around the central Chengdu square where there were sculptures and water fountain displays. We returned to school where the students went home with their hosts.



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  1. Avatar Sara Butterfield says:

    The photo’s are great. You get a real sense of what they are doing and how engaged they are. Thank you

  2. Avatar Tammy Harvey says:

    Everyone looks so happy! Keep the pictures coming, we love them. Thanks.

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