CEFLS Chengdu visits Monastery and Temple

February 23, 2012

We boarded the bus today heading for the Baoguang monastery where students had time to relax and write in their journals and explore the Buddhist monastery complete with the Ahrat Hall that houses 577 life-size Buddhas, each with a different face and expression. We enjoyed a vegetarian lunch at Baoguang before heading to the Wu Hou Shrine in Chengdu. The paparazzi were out again as many photos were taken with the “foreigners”.  We also had a gentleman who stopped to show his turtles (on leashes) to the students. Built in 1672 we visited displays with 50 life-size statues of the leaders from the Kingdom of Shu. Next door to the shrine is Jinli Street which has shopping and some unique services such as the “ear cleaning” which all the students tried and said felt like an ear massage.  The students returned to school in time to enjoy talking and playing games with the students at CEFLS before going home with their host families.


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  1. Avatar Whitney Landon says:

    Wonderful pictures, reports, and links. Thank you! And all best to YOU all. What an experience.

  2. Avatar Sarah Southam says:

    Thank you for all the updates and photos. It looks like everyone is having a wonderful time and, best of all, the kids will come home with clean ears!

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