Caucus, New Year

February 5, 2008

Regular readers of Tuesday’s Glog may have noticed that last week’s entry was short on words. This week will be short too. This glogger has a broken finger which makes typing more difficult than usual. If I were normally a left handed hunt-and-peck typer I wouldn’t be bothered by my temporary limitations. The trouble with typing is actually just that I’ve been unsuccessful using 4, and not 5, of the fingers on my right hand. All of them want to get in on the action but one is pretty achy (it’s also splinted and clumsy).

It was an exciting evening here on campus. The republicans and democrats were out hosting caucuses in each of the dorms. I suppose we’ll learn the results tomorrow. Pictured is a group of “voters,” excited to be part of the caucus.

The Lunar or Chinese New Year (which is celebrated in many Asian countries) is being celebrated on campus. Formal dinner followed the theme. Not only was the food outstanding by all accounts, but the entire student body ate with chop sticks! Obviously it wasn’t very difficult for some but for others… skills were gained!

We’re expecting more snow tonight and Tuesday. The best winter (for snow) just keeps on coming!

Until Next Week, Gloggers!



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