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Feeling Foreign – My Journey to America

January 4, 2021
A False Start – Isolated as an Exchange Student Growing up in Japan, my first experience abroad was a homestay in a suburb of Sacramento, California, when I was 16. I was a sophomore in…Read More

Q&A with Tracey Wilkerson

November 22, 2019
A graduate of Middlebury College, Tracey Wilkerson came to Gould in 2002. She teaches Spanish, coaches field hockey, and runs the highly popular Veterinary Science Camp on campus each summer. For many years, she ran…Read More

Alumna of the Year, Elizabeth McLellan ’69

Elizabeth McLellan ’69 Receives Alumna of the Year Award During our Alumni Weekend festivities Alumni Board President, Courtney Walsh ’89 presented Elizabeth McLellan ’69 with the Alumna of the Year Award for her work with…Read More

Film Festival – An Independent Study

November 15, 2019
Independent Study Project by Sophie Laurence ’20, TRIBUNE FÉMININE: Jeanne Laurence, Feminism, and the French Resistance (1944 – 1948) Having completed French 6, Sophie Laurence ’20 needed a project for her independent study last year.…Read More

Building Confidence for English Learners

March 3, 2017
English Learners At Gould, many of our international students have come to the United States to improve their English in preparation for enrollment at an American university. One of the many challenges for English learners coming to the…Read More

Planning for Long Weekend

September 24, 2015
Today in advisory time the question of what everyone is doing for the Long Weekend (October 18-21) was raised.  Many students had “no idea,” while others have plans made or in progress. The Gould dorms…Read More

And so it begins!

September 10, 2015
After days of orientation trips, athletic and activities preparation, and meetings with advisors, the Gould school year is underway. Students are adjusting to their classes, roommates, the food (I hope!) and all else that is…Read More

Midterms, Mountain Day, and Guests

October 8, 2013
Greetings once again as we sail through midterms toward parent/family weekend.  For those that are attending we look forward to seeing you on campus.  For those that are not you will be able to see…Read More

Gould’s International Blog

September 27, 2013
Welcome to Gould’s new International Blog.  We hope to keep our international parents more connected and informed!  As the Director of International Student Programs, I will be managing the blog, but I will enlist support…Read More