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School is school. Learning is the adventure. 

November 24, 2016
Sunday in Karatu felt like a Sunday at Gould. People slept in late, we had brunch—crepes made by Mia and Madsie—and students organized their day around the time they signed up for an individual conference. …Read More

How to Build a Foundation with Design Thinking

September 15, 2016
Design Thinking White Board Brainstorming Rapid Design Thinking Challenge: Build a Foundation When you listen to students in between classes, you start to hear how they frame learning: “Did you do all the work last night?” “I think I did…Read More

Tanzania + New York Times + Catching Up

April 13, 2015
Mambo!  I am back from Tanzania and well into the IDEA Center’s first elective, design and fabrication.  Re-entry is always hard, but two recent NYT articles headed me back to the blog to think about…Read More

action + passion = #wintermatters

February 4, 2015
    With the IDEAS Center open, it is time to use the space–I kicked off an open invitation to the Gould and Bethel community to think about climate change in the context of shared…Read More

#made w/ code @google

December 4, 2014
A quick paraphrase from a lecture a heard by Sherry Lassiter, who is a key manager at MITs Center for Bits and Atoms. She said:    ” Coding skills are essential as powerpoint/keynote skills and if…Read More