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2014 Parents Weekend China 4-Point Meeting

February 8, 2014
Did you miss the informational meeting for the China 4-Point trip on Parents’ Weekend?  Maybe you saw the bluebird skies and headed to the mountain, or were enjoying an extra cup of coffee and a…Read More

The New “It” Game

Hello Glogworld, Today I bring to you the new “it” game. From what I’ve personally experienced and from what I’ve heard from others, this game is the spawn of Lucifer himself. Not only is it…Read More

Sochi Snowboard All Access

February 7, 2014
So the games have begun. Click here for the Official Sochi Snowboard program And below are some links to what I feel are the websites with the best info for the avid Snowboard information getter.…Read More

China Parents Weekend Meeting

February 4, 2014
Ni Hao everyone! I just wanted to extend an invitation to our meeting this Saturday at 10:30 am in Ordway Living Room (the second floor of the dining hall.) We hope that many of you…Read More

Snowboarding “SochiMedia”

So as many of you know I’m a Social Media nut, (see previous blog “Instagram – Instaride” “Snowboard Quotes” Colin Boyd “A NZ Freeride Story” to name but a few) So I have been watching…Read More

Boston Departure Plans 2014

Dear Ninth Grade Parents, You will find below important information regarding the Four Point departure schedules for China and Tanzania.  Each destination has its own itinerary. It is crucial that you read through these details…Read More