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Launching Skate School

December 15, 2010
We recently announced Skate School, an opportunity for eighth and ninth grade boys who are passionate about skateboarding to skate with our varsity team and learn more about Gould. The program, directed by English teacher…Read More

Portrait of an artist-in-residence

November 24, 2010
Over the past few falls, we’ve enjoyed having artists-in-residence at Gould, made possible each year through a grant from the Quimby Family Foundation. This is year was no exception. If you were to ask Eric…Read More

Gould Academy – first on the slopes in the US!

October 25, 2010
If you haven’t already heard, Sunday River was the first resort in the country to open when their lifts began to run this past Friday afternoon. It wasn’t long before our Gould Academy Competition Program…Read More