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The Gould Strava Club

April 29, 2020
Distance Learning at Gould is our new normal, and it’s amazing to see how fast the faculty and students have adapted to this new delivery model. We’re still able to do many of the things…Read More

Harkins Named Athletic Director

April 26, 2020
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Harkins P’14,’16 as athletic director for the 2020-2021 school year. He previously worked at Gould as athletic director in the late ’70s and again from 2011…Read More

On Snow Competition Awards 2020

April 23, 2020
Watch the virtual awards ceremony:   And the recipients are… NORDIC Skiers of The Year Nate Livingood & Eliza Skillings FREESTYLE Skiers of The Year Caleb Grammas & Taylor May Lewis Coaches Award Burke Mcleay…Read More

A Taste of Home

April 9, 2020
Russell Zheng ’20, Silvia Shi ’20, and Alice Yu ’20 step into Kowloon Village, a Chinese restaurant in Bethel, and are greeted by warm smiles as they come in from a chilly ten-minute walk from…Read More

The Great Gould Scavenger Hunt!

March 26, 2020
And the winners are… Congrats to our big winner, Robin Chace Payson ’03, who earned the most overall points. The parent prize goes to Noreen Senner P’22. The best overall entry goes to Alan Howard…Read More

Ninth Grade Four Point 2020: Morocco

March 2, 2020
Day 11: Chefchaouen to Casablanca Tuesday, March 10, 2020 – Last full day in Morocco Oli: Today we had an early start and hit the road to go to Casablanca at 7 am. Sam and…Read More

Ninth Grade Four Point 2020: Tanzania

February 21, 2020
Tanzania Gould Four Point 2016 Pre-Trip: Are You Ready? Friday, February 21, 2020 In a short time, we’ll have ninth graders all over the world in Morocco, Ecuador, Peru, and Tanzania as they take part in their first Gould Four…Read More