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October 30, 2010
We have an exciting opportunity to have a visit from El-Fadel Arbab, a survivor of the genocide in Darfur, to speak to us. He lives in Portland, ME and is in charge of the Fur…Read More


Although we will be in study hall on Halloween Eve, kids dressed up today for classes. Today, Madison and Nika worked with upperclassman to get the day student lounge, the DSL, ready for a dance…Read More

Gould Academy – first on the slopes in the US!

October 25, 2010
If you haven’t already heard, Sunday River was the first resort in the country to open when their lifts began to run this past Friday afternoon. It wasn’t long before our Gould Academy Competition Program…Read More

FCD is visiting this week

FCD, a non-profit organization that provides alcohol, tobacco and other drug education, is here to present the most up to date available information on the physiological and psychological effects of various drugs.  The presenter will…Read More

Everyone is back

October 21, 2010
The ninth graders have returned to campus and are ready for the second half of the trimester to begin.  With the weather becoming colder thoughts of snow, skiing, snowboarding and winter fun is one many…Read More

The Parents Are Here!!

October 16, 2010
I have a break in my schedule and am listening to the parents and students move from room to room.  The excited conversations and comfort of being together adds a wonderful energy to the day.…Read More

Mountain Day!

October 5, 2010
Today was mountain day!  The whole school climbed Tumbledown Mountain in Weld Maine.  Here is a quick video from the top. It was a great day of hiking with friends surrounded by the wonderful…Read More

Fryeburg Fair Trip Friday October 8

September 30, 2010
The ninth grade class will be going to the Fryeburg Fair on Friday October 8, 2010. We will leave from the bell tower at 5:15pm and return to campus around 10 pm.  Students will need…Read More