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Sports Awards

November 18, 2010
Athletic awards this afternoon reminded us of all the hard work we do in so many ways. The rain keeps coming and the skiers are hoping the training camp is not just dryland–rain, rain go…Read More

One down!

November 16, 2010
Human Geography and physics were popular exams today. Good study partners quizzed each other on notecards and concepts. The first set of high school term exams are over–YAHOOO!! Students can be picked up after their…Read More

Stopping by for help on Sunday

November 14, 2010
It is a full house in Ordway with about 120 students and all the teaching faculty getting papers, review sheets and last minute questions squared away. There are two tables of healthy and greasy snacks…Read More

Sunday Exam Extra Help

November 10, 2010
On Sunday from 2-4 all faculty are available for extra exam prep help. They will be in Ordway Hall with lots of healthy snacks.Read More

Season Passes for Sunday River

Season River Season Passes will be available for purchase this Wednesday and Thursday from 5 to 7pm in Ordway hall. – Students need to bring a signed Liability waiver on file with both parent and…Read More

October 30, 2010
We have an exciting opportunity to have a visit from El-Fadel Arbab, a survivor of the genocide in Darfur, to speak to us. He lives in Portland, ME and is in charge of the Fur…Read More


Although we will be in study hall on Halloween Eve, kids dressed up today for classes. Today, Madison and Nika worked with upperclassman to get the day student lounge, the DSL, ready for a dance…Read More

Gould Academy – first on the slopes in the US!

October 25, 2010
If you haven’t already heard, Sunday River was the first resort in the country to open when their lifts began to run this past Friday afternoon. It wasn’t long before our Gould Academy Competition Program…Read More