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Drama & Ramen

October 3, 2007
Welcome to the Thursday thought on the GLOG. As most of you know, and some may not. We live on the ground floor of the Davidson boys dorm, on the corner of Church and Winter…Read More

Wednesday Whims

Another Wednesday is here and it’s my turn again to report on what’s been going on at the Academy. I would say the most exciting thing that has happened yet so far is that Mountain…Read More

Aluminum Weekend

October 1, 2007
Monday, Monday, Monday! It’s been a week, and a whole plethora (big word, might want to look it up) of stuff has happened. Classes have been chugging along, you learn something new everyday. I’ve got…Read More

Wednesday Whims: Round 2

September 26, 2007
Finally, Wednesday again! A whole week has passed since my last post, and a lot has happened. Once again, the week was pretty packed with classes, sports and a lot of fun in the dorms.…Read More

G-LOG * G-Logging * Gould Logging

September 25, 2007
You may think it’s Tuesday, but it’s MOON-Day! Happy Moon Day! Ch’usok! Zhong Qiu Jie! Moon Day is a celebration of family, of harvest, and of thanks-giving in several Asian countries. At midnight families gather…Read More

Peace, Lax, and Writing Center

September 24, 2007
Welcome Back to Monday ladies and gentlemen, I’m back, and with much to tell. The week was pretty hard class-wise, quite a few tests and projects getting handed out. It’s going to keep looking like…Read More

Thursday Thoughts

September 20, 2007
Have you got GLOG? You may have heard us ask this over the last week, and little did you know we did have GLOG and today is our day. As some of you may know…Read More

Wednesday Whims

September 19, 2007
So it’s time for my “Wednesday Whims”, and the first two GLOGs were awesome, so its going to be a tough act to follow. Hopefully I can follow through, though! The first full week of…Read More

West Side Pride

September 18, 2007
Aaah, the first Tuesday Glog. I am truly honored. Although it feels like we’re in full swing here at Gould, the fact is we’ve only had one week of classes. It wasn’t long ago that…Read More