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Tenth Grade Four Point

March 10, 2019
Saturday, March 7 – It’s a Wrap People Sophomores came together for a special dinner tonight to show off their handiwork of the last four days. A number of parents happily joined in the celebration…Read More

Does Earth Day Matter? [VIDEO]

April 25, 2018
Of course, Earth Day is enormously important, but why celebrate one day a year when we should really adopt an “Every day is Earth Day” mentality? Gould celebrates Earth Day to jumpstart an awareness in…Read More

Martin Luther King Day – A Day of Service

January 17, 2018
 For Gould, Martin Luther King Day isn’t a day off, but a “day on.” It’s become tradition to utilize the time as an opportunity to give back to the community. Classes break into groups…Read More

Finding Uweza in Karatu, Tanzania

November 18, 2016
Uweza: Swahili word for skills, abilities and powers.  Yesterday was our first day of class. Heading out for a 20 minute walk to school—usually alongside a herd of goats, many people on bikes, and some…Read More

Pacaya Volcano: Day 6 in Guatemala

August 12, 2016
Today was a free day for Team Gould here in Guatemala! We woke up early and hiked Pacaya, a volcano located 2 hours from Antigua. We saw some incredible views. Some horses and dogs tagged…Read More

Day Three in Guatemala

August 10, 2016
Caroline in Guatemala with Safe Passage Blog by Hayli Poisson August 9, 2016. Hola from Guatemala!   Some highlights from the day were an early morning walk through town, going to class with the Safe Passage students, bowling with Kevin, a student Ms.…Read More