Catching Up with Damian Dryjas.

January 23, 2013

Photo Credit: Peter Cirilli

Every year our Seniors leave Gould and head in whatever direction they see fit in their journey through life.  We always hope that they go on to do big things and wish them the most success in all of their ventures.  It’s always nice to stay in touch with those who can make the time, and over the holidays I had a chance to catch up with Alum, Damian Dryjas.

Rory:  So first off, where are you at these days Damian, I hear you’re hanging out in Vermont..  Any particular factor in your choice to stay in New England for College?

Damian:   I am currently at champlain college, I chose New England because its closer and I feel I would appreciate the skiing out west more once I go this year in the spring.

Rory:  I hear that.  Have you decide what you’re academic focus is going to be yet?

Damian:  I’m not sure what my academic focus is, maybe something with marketing or graphic design.

Rory:  Right on, you going to have any time to ski at all this season?

Damian:  I worked my school schedule so I could get as much skiing as I can, so Ill be able to ski mid week a bunch and the weekend.

Rory:  I hear that there are some decent resorts to shred in Vermont.. What mountain are you going to be calling home?

Damian:  There are some sweet resorts here but the one that has been getting the most hype is sugarbush. I heard that they awesome set ups and a free rider atmosphere. This year with skiing, just ski as much as I can, film as much as I can and go outwest at some point.

Rory:  Sounds like a solid plan!  I’ve always enjoyed your style, what have been some influences on your skiing?

Damian:  Some influences of style in skiing may come from some skating or wake-surfing. Also some skiers like Shea or Clayton, there style’s have mad flow.

Rory:  I gotta ask… B.I.G. or 2Pac?  What are you listening to these days when you roll through the park?

Damian:  I’m gonna have to go with Biggie. Ive been listening to a bunch of music, some Motley Crue, Slim Thug, Alt-J, Originoo Gun Clap, Damian Marley and Wu tang (of course).

Rory:  I saw your most recent edit, and was stoked at how it came out!  Should I expect to see some more of your skiing bouncing around the internet this winter?

Damian:  I was pretty happy with the edit despite the amount of time we had to film it. I’m sure there will be more to come as the season progresses.

Rory:  Well I’ll be sure to keep an eye out.  Keep it real out there and be safe, but don’t take up too much space!

*For those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out Damian’s newest ski edit, check it out by clicking on his name below!

Damian Dryjas from Cam Willis on Vimeo.

Since we last spoke Damian also appeared in another edit that made it’s way on to  Check it out HERE!


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