Carrabassett Valley Academy Skate Jam

April 27, 2012

Mike Mallon generously hosted the second comp of the Maine SK8 Series at CVA’s Anti-Gravity Center.  The riders spread out for a one hour all-park jam.  The energy was great.  We only wish that George had made his blunt to finger flip.  People were just killing it.  Great times were had by all.  A big thanks goes out to Camp Woodward, Zoo York, SPoT, Rye Airfield, and Vermont Skateboards.  We’ll see you at Oxford Hills on May 2nd.


T.C. Wilson, Big Flip, photo by Will Halper

Eli, Board  Slide, photo by Will Halper


Aaron Nadeau, Transfer, photo by Will Halper

Matt Falconer, Back Board, photo by Will Halper



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