“Careful kid, they’ll break ya haart”

September 28, 2012

Hello Everyone!


For my second Glog post, I have decided to share with you something that has been an undying passion for me throughout my long, 16 year life: the Boston Red Sox. Oh, and let me tell you, you live and you die with the Boston Red Sox.

For those of you who don’t know me, baseball is life. Ever since I was little, I have always loved the game. For me, baseball has always taken priority over all. But, there was always one aspect of baseball that I really truly fell in love with, the Red Sox. The title of this post is from the movie “Fever Pitch,” which came out in early 2005. “Fever Pitch” is a romantic comedy about Ben (Jimmy Fallon) and how he worships the Red Sox and how he deals with the heartbreak they throw at him. The title of my post is a quote that literally describes what the Red Sox are capable of on an emotional level. The Sox actually do break your heart.

I remember to this day, August 1st, 2004. At this point in my life I had recently discovered NESN, which is  New England Sports Network, and I had heard “trade rumors” about my absolute favorite player, Nomar Garciaparra. On the morning of August 1st, I remember waking up and walking out into the living room. My parents had gotten the Boston Globe, and they sat me down on the couch and showed me the front page. As I looked down at the bold headline, my stomach churned. Nomar had been traded to the Chicago Cubs in a three team deal. I remember looking at a diagram of the players who were traded, with lines to who their new team was. In disbelief, I followed the arrow from Nomar’s name to the Cubs logo. At this point, it was all over. My  parents say I cried for a very long time. Like I said, the Sox actually do break your heart.


Just a few months later, the Sox made me fall in love with them all over again with the win of the 2004 World Series. Another memory I still hold onto to this day is the final play of game 4, “It’s a ground ball stabbed by Foulke, he underhands it to first AND THE RED SOX ARE WORLD CHAMPION! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?” I remember this so well that I can even remember where I was, what I was wearing, and who I was with! The Sox really do put you on an emotional roller coaster.

On a more modern note, the Sox are really hurting right now. The first losing record in over a decade or something like that, this year they AGAIN traded away my favorite player, Adrian Gonzalez, and they are missing the playoffs for the 3rd straight year.

I have high hopes for this offseason, with maybe the signing of highly sought after free agent Josh Hamilton???

On a final note, my advice to my readers: become a part of something  bigger than yourself that you can fall deeply in love with, and yes, if/when it breaks your heart, please stick with it. And feel free to leave comments about your stories or memories about the Sox or about a passion you have fallen in love with.


Until Next Time,



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  1. Avatar Charlie Newell says:

    Hi Alec, Loved this Glog !!!! I suffered with the Red Sox during the 1950’s up through 1966 and then CAME 1967, the season of The Impossible Dream / Dick Williams 1st year as Manager / Yastrzemski’s Triple Crown Season / Conigliaro ” Tony C ” / Gentleman Jim Lonborg’s Cy Young season ( His daughter graduated from Gould in 1996 ). / ” Looped toward shortstop, Petrocelli’s back.” / the wait after the final out of the last game to see if the Angels beat the Tigers so the Sox have sole possession of 1st place and the Pennent / many more memories too numerous to mention. The loss to the Cardinals in the World Series was tough but what a season 1967 was ( also got married that year ). The love of Baseball is something to treasure and something you will never lose. Take care.

  2. Avatar Charlie Newell says:

    A book one might enjoy about the 1967 Red Sox is titled Lost Summer- the ’67 Red Sox and the Impossible Dream by Bill Reynolds. I googled Lost Summer/Bill Reynolds and found sites where it can be purchased. Enjoy!!!!!!!

  3. Avatar Chris Torino says:

    Though you likely only remember me by name and through an occasional reference from your parents, during the 1997-98 school year at Gould, when you were three (I think!) years old, I lived upstairs from you in Davidson, as a teaching colleague of your parents. And I tried my darndest to serve as a positive influence in your life by, yes, inculcating a love not only of baseball, but also of the Yankees. So, knowing that I’ll take a .500 batting average any season, I’m proud to know that, we agree that, as you said, “baseball is life”! Go Gould!
    — Chris Torino

    • Avatar Liz Beebe says:

      YES! Agreed! I babysat Alec while at Gould (96-00) and also have the same love for baseball and Mr. Torino’s words of wisdom.
      Go Gould is right 🙂

  4. Avatar Tao Smith says:

    ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than to root for the Yankees. Wicked good post, Alec!

  5. Avatar Caitlin Kennett says:

    Hey Alec, this is a great blog post! I should tell you I also cried (over and over) about the Nomar trade… except I was 19 and not 8, so it’s a bit more awkward to admit. In 2003 (do you remember?) I was a freshman in college and spent the evening that they lost balled on my dorm room floor, crying my eyes out.

    I think it’s safe to say they’ve broken my heart a lot.

    Keep up the baseball (and the writing)! You’re very talented at both.

    – Caitlin

  6. Avatar Ryan Laperle says:

    Great Glog, Alec! I can definitely relate with Boston sports. March 1st, 1997 the Boston Bruins traded my all-time favorite hockey player – Adam Oates to the Washington Capitals, I too cried for about a month. I remember Christmas in 1995, all I wanted was an Adam Oates Boston Bruins jersey. …..still have it.

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