Cara-Beth Burnside

July 25, 2012

Cara-Beth BurnsidePhoto by Transworld Business

I skated Cara-Beth Burnside’s mini-ramp the other week.  I felt really lucky to be there at her home.  Growing up, I had a vert ramp at my parents’ home so I know what it’s like when random skaters show up.  I was definitely  pretty random.

The two teenagers we had along got a quick lesson in skateboard and snowboard history so that when we parked the car at CB’s home they’d “get it.”

CB competed on the United States Olympic Snowboard Team at the inaugural 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.  She placed fourth.

Starting in 2003 CB competed in the summer X-Games for skateboarding.

CB had the first signature skateboard shoe by a woman with Vans.

CB co-founded The Alliance, to look out for the interests of girls and women in international skateboard competitions.

CB, Mimi Knoop, and Skate One started Hoopla Skateboards providing support for girls and women.

In other words, if you’re a girl or a woman who skates, CB helped pave the way for you.

Cara-Beth is gracious and generous.  She skated hard and landed some sick tricks.  That day her skating was inspired, but what struck me most was how much she cared about where skateboarding was headed.  In particular, she wants to encourage girls and young women.  Yeah, I got to skate, but more than anything I gained insight about how skateboarding can be a ride we’re on together.  Giving back to the next generation of skaters coming up might be the coolest trick of them all.  Thanks CB!

Sam Buck, Amelia Brodka, Lexi Stewart, and Cara-Beth Burnside

Photo by Dave Bean


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