Canada: All About Bonding

December 1, 2012

by Sadie James

This post comes from the ENTIRE group in Canada right now. Bonding has been a big focus at night, such as two truths a lie to find out some weird things about each other (a lot of skiers have chickens…), sledding at 9:30 when we probably shouldn’t have been, lunch in Quebec City, and pretending to be Trent of Facebook. Here’s a statement from each skier about Canada.

FRUIT LOOPS AT 9:30. (Trent)

Trent doing a handstand during our late night sled/ski:

Sledding group:

There’s so much snow in Canada! (Schuyler)

Schuyler and Trent team bonding!

It’s freeeeeeeeeeeezing. (Aiden)

The hot tub is nice. (Caleb)

So many bananas and clementines. (Ashton) -sidenote: he’s eating a banana right now.

One of the many boxes of clementines consumed during the last six days:


My arms/butt/legs/back hurt. (Evan) -sidenote: he just learned how to ski and it’s quite impressive.

I realized how much I missed skiing and snow. (Sadie)

Pig piles at 11 PM are not the best for sleeping. (Leela)

I feel like I’m going to fall over for no reason. #OD. (Rachael)

I’m tired. (Rose)

We leave on Monday and classes start back up on Tuesday, then we are coming back up on Friday to watch the World Cup in Quebec.  We took today off and wandered through the streets of the Old City. Tomorrow we have an early morning to get to Foret by 7 for some Level 3 intervals. To the parents out there: your child sends their love (Trent sends his love to everyone).

Lunch today in Quebec City:


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