Can Gould Dance…??

May 23, 2008

Yeah we can……..!
The story begins at The Gould Auction where one of the items is “Headmaster for the Day”
Mr Kunkle is usually very nervous about this and bids frantically as long as he can…!
This years winning bidder was Les Otten.
And as a treat Les arranged for the band Motor Booty Affair to play at Gould on Weds night.

Enjoy the pics.

Hedden and DC looking good

Thanks go to Les, Pat Donovan and all the faculty and students that rallied together at last minute to build stages and clean up.

Our very own Ben Clotten took to the stage and played a little air guitar…..

Yes that is what a Glogger looks like …! And the big question is answered. Gorillas DO love bananas…!


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