Camp Kawanhee was a great day

September 24, 2012

Last Thursday, September 20, the ninth grade class had a wonderful day in the sun connecting as a group and growing as individuals. The day began with a rousing game of rock, paper and scissors, with Emma Scheiddegger winning the championships.

The rest of the morning was spent in small groups completing challenges that ranged from tossing four tennis balls to each other in a group to working as a team to climb over a wall. Each challenge offered an opportunity to learn how each individual contributed to the success of the group and how important listening can be to in effective communication.

The afternoon was spent in the same small groups stretching each individual’s level of comfort on the high ropes elements. Students cheered for each other, extended their comfort zone and learned from each other. At one point everyone watched Ali Parker walk across a suspended telephone pole 25 feet in the air, Anna Lee tried a cart wheel on the same element and Mitchel Romanowski ran out of ideas after doing push ups.

Click to enjoy this gopro video of the tandem traverse.

We ended the day debriefing what was learned. Each member of my group shared a moment he/she was most proud. I then asked each student to share something that he/she learned or admired about another student in our group. I was impressed with the thoughtful and insightful responses.

It is evident to me that the class of 2016 is a wonderful group of young adults. I look forward to seeing each student grow.


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