Cadavers and Cold Weather

December 10, 2015


Oh boy, are we back at it.  They certainly don’t take it easy on us, but that’s a good thing.  Rest is for the weak, anyway.  Let me share with you a couple interesting things that happened this week.


Biology students took a trip to the Body Worlds exhibit in Portland. Yes, that is a real body.



Marcus, Fred, Caleb, and I went for an adventure ski at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire. There were only a couple inches of snow, but dodging rocks makes a great time!



Clouds spill over the presidential foothills.

I’m a little afraid of running out of good television shows because I keep recommending my absolute favorites.  But here at Gould, we deliver nothing but the best, and with that, I give you award winning drama Mad Men.  The acting and writing are unparalleled.







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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Wow!! a real body!!!Sort of creepy, so I’m glad I am just seeing the picture. Though you’ve got me interested… long is this in Portland?

    And wow! real snow!?! How did they get so much over there? Did you bring any back with you?

    Not too sure about that madman……

  2. Avatar Grandma Hoeh says:

    So glad you got to see the Body World exhibit! I saw it about 5 years ago in Boston with the Red Hat ladies. I thought it was amazing and not the least bit creepy.

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