Busy Weekends!

September 26, 2008

Hi GLOG readers!

My name is Maggy Reynolds and I am a two year senior at GA. I’m from York, ME and am a proctor here this year. I am your Friday Fix glogger. I live in Gehring Hall on the third floor with my roommate Charlotte Eaton and thirteen other girls.

I play soccer here at GA and we have an extremely talented and promising team this year. We’ve had two official varsity games thus far, one against Tilton and the other, which was on Wednesday, against our main rivals CVA. Both were long bus rides but great games. We had a really close game against Tilton where five goals were scored in the last twelve minutes. The final score in that game was 6-7. Although I didn’t make it to our CVA game do to injuries, everyone on the team is still talking about how great it was. All our coaches described it as, “a very pretty game to watch”. The score was 6-1 with four year senior Brittany Riley scoring her first high school goal, captain Hilary Reis scoring one and sophomore forward Sarah Doyon coming up with the other four. We have three games coming up in the next few days, one today, Saturday and the Alumni game on Sunday. Wish us luck!

Today is what we call a “Fake Friday” here at the Academy. This is because we have study hall from 7-9pm tonight for classes tomorrow. No one likes to wake up on Saturday mornings, but we know it pays off in the winter with all of those half days to go skiing. I have a big Physics paper due and am giving a tour during my free dot so it’s not too bad of a day for me.

This weekend is Alumni weekend and that’s extremely exciting because there will be over 400 extra people on campus in the next few days. Its always a great time for everyone because we get to talk to the alum and they always tell us stories of their Gould experience. They also tell us what buildings have changed, and what teachers haven’t. A lot of us are helping out by being waitresses and waiters for some of the alumni meals while they are here

Have a great weekend!


My quote of the week:
“Do not confuse motion and progress.
A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.”- Alfred A. Montapert

My song of the week:
Details In Fabric- Jason Mraz


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