Busy Week!

October 5, 2008

Hey Gloggers!
It’s been another great week at the GA. This week seemed to be extremely busy for everyone because mid-term grades officially close Friday. These grades help to give all of us students an idea of how we are doing in our classes and how much we need to improve before end of the term grades come out.
In my AP Government class, we have been talking a lot about the upcoming election. We’ve recently completed two papers, one on the presidential debate and one on the VP’s debate. In these papers we were asked to show some of the unique qualities of the way the US government works and how those ideas were displayed in the debates. For example, how incrementalism, is affecting the economy bill that’s still trying to pass through congress right now, yet its difficult because of the US system of checks and balances.
There were a few very exciting things happening in the campuses lounging areas this week. On Wednesday, new couches arrived for the girls dorm and the DSL. The DSL- or day student lounge, is a great place for all of the day students to hang out and get their work done. Its the place you would find most people in between classes and is strictly for day students during study hours. There is great new couch that was put in there that seats probably around 20 kids. In my dorm, Gehring Hall, the main lounge received a couple new couches and lights which you can see in the pictures below. Also, another study area was made in the gallery a few weeks ago so groups can work together.

SAT’s, a soccer game vs. CVA, and a lobstering trip with Mr.Parker are what I’m looking forward too for this weekend. Hopefully a lot of you parents are going to be headed up this way the next time I write next week.
Until then,

“Youth is like diamonds in the sun, and diamonds are forever”


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