Busy and Productive!

March 6, 2013

Although the sophomores were split into four different groups on Monday, that did not stop them from being focused and hardworking when tackling each of the community service projects planned.

One group of fourteen students remained on campus and prepared and served a luncheon for local seniors citizens (almost eighty in attendance!).  Several students performed musical numbers during dessert. In the afternoon, Gould alums who were at the lunch stayed and shared stories with our students about their time at Gould.  It was a very successful day for all involved.  A special thanks to Brian Scheidegger and his crew who always do their best to help produce this meal that has become a tradition in the Bethel community!

A smaller group spent the day in and around Bethel.  The first stop was Burk Farm in Newry.  The sugaring process was already well underway and the kids helped by splitting wood.  Who knew maple syrup was so much work? In the afternoon, they went to the Bethel Food Pantry to do some organizing of dry and frozen goods.  Progress was made and expired food was discarded.

Another small group went to the Crescent Park Elementary School in Bethel.  The teachers utilized the extra support in different ways.  At one point, Conrad was seen taking down a bulletin board while Ben monitored a game of Twister!

The largest group of students went to Lewiston to lend a hand.  The kids worked hard at places like the soup kitchen at The Trinity Jubilee Center, The Good Shepard Food Bank and the Lots to Gardens Project.  The day ended with an extra help session at the Lewiston Public Library.


Overall, it was a an extremely busy and productive day that made a difference in the lives of many.  Below are some photos from the various events.

Outside the Good Shepard Food Bank

Making up bags of food to hand out to families










Loading finished bags onto pallets

assembly line



splitting wood












Michael and Alan

















Babacar and Stan Howe ’62
















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