Buddha in Leshan

February 25, 2011

An early start had us on the road by 7:45am.  Some slept while others took in the passing scenes.  A two hour drive brought us to Leshan a “small town” of three million and home to the famous Giant Buddha.  We spent the day wandering, taking in all the area had to offer.  We had a special treat with a college friend meeting one of our faculty guides.  She took us to a famous restaurant outside of Leshan where its specialty is tofu.  Back in the United States I will admit to not being a fan of tofu, but here in China, particularly in Sichuan Province where they like their food spicy, I can not get enough tofu.  After lunch we visited a place I had not been to before.  Behind the mountain that is home to the Giant Buddha is an other Buddha, actually there are many Buddhas.  There is a sleeping Buddha and many, many other carved Buddhas all waiting to be discovered and admired.

At about 4:00pm we loaded up the bus and headed north back to Chengdu for a weekend with our host families.  With the students off enjoying the company of their Host families I am not sure how to post tomorrow….humm…perhaps we will share some of the beauty and some of the differences….stay tuned.


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  1. Avatar cynthia galea says:

    Our children can be our guide when they return to China they look so comfortable and very relaxed they are good travelers who all sem to enjoy the food

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