Broom Ball Tournament

February 23, 2011

Sophomores traveled to Hebron, ME this afternoon to play in a broom ball tournament. Broom ball is slightly similar to hockey, but different in so many ways.  If you have never played broom ball before here is how it works. Broom ball is played on ice, but, no skates are worn, only regular shoes, and helmets of course. Participants use a large foam ball, and instead of hockey sticks, you use what looks like a broom. When the game starts you run around the ice using your broom, your feet, and your body to score goals.

Really, anything goes.

Sophomores warmed up before the big tournament, and planned strategies.

Nice defense. The games got a little wild. Lots of hooting and hollering from the sidelines.

For some sophomores this was a first

Even when they fell, they got right back up.

The smiles must mean they had fun.


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