Brooke, Brookie, Brooklyn, River, Stream?

February 5, 2016

I have always thought that having a twin would be so cool. Someone to share clothes with, birthday’s with, pictures with, someone to graduate Kindergarten with, high school with, someone to experience all the major events of growing up with, and so on… Well guess what, that didn’t happen to me. There’s a word for what I, and anyone else who doesn’t have a twin, is called — a singleton.


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For us singletons, facing life alone, we find serenity in having friends. In my case, one of my best friends just happen to have the same first name as me. As you may imagine, this adds incredible challenge to conversations were people are talking “to Brooke”. Ever so often does someone say, “Hey Brooke,” when we are together, causing us both to look and the person talking to us to laugh hysterically. (This happens twice a day, at LEAST!) But it’s not all bad, we always exchange “Hi Brookie!” ‘s in passing, while complimenting each other on having a beautiful first name, and sympathizing over why our parent’s didn’t name us Brooklyn.


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Brooke Kelly and I are both 4 year seniors, and throughout those years we have played on 2 different sports teams together, and had many classes together. On the field and in the classroom we’ve had to make up nicknames in order to avoid confusion. But more commonly, we just have to decide who is Brooke and who is Brookie.


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Have a nice Friday Singletons (and Twins),



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