Break Is Not Over, No Worries.

December 1, 2013

Hey everyone,

I’m back! No worries, though – you still have one day at home to either hang out with your friends, polish your college essays, pack some food, or write a Glog because you want to eat ice cream and one specific adult does not let you do that until you publish your Glog.

Food motivates me.

Anyway, break! I actually have never laughed that much in a short period of time, partially thanks to Xiaolu ’15, who is exceedingly entertaining. We carved pumpkins, which might be a little too late; we made greentea/matcha ice cream; we had a Korean drama marathon; we tried ice-skating – Xiaolu even tried archery and went kayaking before the river froze; we had a (quite) traditional Thanksgiving dinner; we cooked some Vietnamese and Chinese food, and we are going to help (eat) the hot pot tonight.

This video below does not really capture the best moment of the break, but it may be equally entertaining. Xiaolu and I were trying to get together on the frozen river for a photo, but then there was a technical problem. I’m the one on the left and Xiaolu is on the right. To be honest, if I had worn skates, I would have lost my balance, too. From laughing.

Now I can eat my ice cream and count down to Christmas break as I come back to school and study.

See you all next week!


P/s here’s your cat! It’s extremely hard to credit these cat photos since they are everywhere on the Internet; I am really sorry if I put your cat up here without asking for your permission.

This cat knows what’s going on.


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  1. Avatar Kristen says:

    Ha! This is classic. Thanks for the belly laughs, Lan. This is a great post. So glad you guys had fun.

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