Boxing Day…Revealed!

December 27, 2007

Since our last posting on the glog, we have had 9 inchs of snow, 3 inches of rain and today a blue bird day with all the sunglasses coming out. With temps reaching into the 50’s yesterday. Maine winters !?!

Before the crazy rush at the mountain we got to leave Maine for a quick trip to New York city for a birthday party and a visit with an old friend, who is producing a Catholic radio show on Sirius radio. On arriving at the studio, we found out we were going to be her on-air guests on the show. What a riot, it was not at all what we expected and we had a lot of fun with the crew. That’s Robyn Gould and me pictured.

We don’t actually celebrate Christmas like most others, as Helen has to run the childrens ski school at the mountain, and this year was kept busy with large groups of Chinese and Russian families who come to Sunday River to learn to ski and snowboard. Next year we need to keep some of the Gould students around for translation issues. Mr Penley where were you….!

Yesterday was Boxing Day in Great Britain and a family holiday , the Brits thanksgiving and here is story behind the term Boxing Day

“In English-speaking countries, the day following Christmas Day is called ‘Boxing Day’. This word comes from the custom which started in the Middle Ages around 800 years ago: churches would open their ‘alms boxe’ (boxes in which people had placed gifts of money) and distribute the contents to poor people in the neighbourhood on the day after Christmas. The tradition continues today – small gifts are often given to delivery workers such as postal staff and children who deliver newspapers.”

So Good cheer to you all and see you all in 2008.

Chris & Helen

Sunrise with full moon, Bethel Maine. Taken 500yds away from my house……….


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