Boston Calling

June 3, 2014

Hello Glogworld!

Firstly, I forgot to post! I’m so sorry! Also, sorry Jefe, I didn’ mean to steal your day. Feel free to post anyway!

Anyway, I realize that this is my last post for the year! However, have no fear! I will be back in the fall!

Anyway, This past weekend, a few Gould friends and I went to the Boston Calling music festival. There were 23 performances from Friday-Sunday. Here are some pictures from my trip!
Walk Off the Earth. Here they are seen with 5 people playing 1 guitar. #Stylepoints!
The lead singer of The Neighborhood. (This guy was tiny!)
The Head and the Heart
Death Cab for Cutie
I was this close to Ben Gibbord! (Lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie)
Here we are in our Boston Calling glory.
It was pretty packed for the 2 days we spent there. I’m guessing around 10,000+ people.

Thanks, and it was a good year!

Yogi Tea Quote
“Embrace the Fear.”

See you in the fall! (:


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  1. tucker kimball tucker kimball says:

    You need to let me know how Death Cab was. Big fan.

  2. Avatar Nancy Babcock says:

    Looks like a fun weekend in Boston:) Thanks for all the glogs. Have a good summer. Looking forward to more glogs next fall.

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