BOC Talent Makes it to Maine Teams

March 1, 2015

Yesterday, at Black Mountain of Maine,  we raced the Eastern High School Team and the U16 Festival Qualifier– a 5k classical followed by a 5k skate pursuit. This was my first time having two races in one day, and it was exhausting, but fun!

Thoughts on the experience:

  • Jeremy was waxing so vigorously he was making the bus shake.
  • My wax for the classical race wasn’t great, but I didn’t fall over.
  • High School Hill is very painful to race up, as in lack of oxygen and burning muscles.
  • Fred had us do a short cool down with 5 second pick-ups;  skating in classic boots is hard, and probably makes strong ankles.
  • The bus smelled like sweat.
  • Gatorade drunk through Twizzlers taste really good.
  • The pursuit race was nice because a racer could always have someone to chase and be chased.
  • I V1-ed pretty much all the way up high school hill!
  • I lost a pole, but Jeremy and Wade were right there, and I received a pole from Gealen. Thank you to him!

Writing this post I feel like I am re-living the race; it makes me feel accomplished. But not as accomplished as these people:

Steph, Ben, Duncan, Skyler, Kellen and Marcus made it to the Maine Team for the U16 Festival.

Marcus, Leela, Carla, Max, Caleb, Andrew made it to the  Maine EHSC Team.

Congratulations to all of them!

Enjoy the last of Winter!


Maine Team BOC Members Minus Leela.

Maine Team BOC Members Minus Leela.

                                                   To see pictures and results from the race  head over to


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  1. Avatar Ben Alford says:

    That’s not an easy course – Fred once said that World Cup skiers would find the skate course moderately challenging. Nice job yesterday – I don’t think I could have done two races there last year!

  2. Brad Clarke Brad Clarke says:

    Mia, I enjoyed your thoughts. You are right, skating in classic boots is hard, but GREAT to do from time to time. It does build up ankle strength and balance. Another not so drastic way to do the same thing is to skate in your skate boots with the cuff buckle undone…

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