Boarding School Life with Sophie ’19 – Competitive Alpine Skier

February 10, 2017

Get an inside look at boarding school life, a glimpse at the rigorous daily schedule of a competitive alpine skier, and hear about the transformative moments that Sophie has experienced at Gould.

Boarding School Life:

The day could not have been more picturesque. The snow started to fall around 7:00am, just in time for Sophie ’19 to start her Tuesday. The fresh powder provided ideal conditions for Sophie, a competitive alpine skier at Gould, to train throughout the morning at Sunday River.

boarding school life“I started out doing the Winter Term Program in the 8th grade. Ski racing is what brought me to Gould, along with the strong academic balance. Soccer and lacrosse are a big part of my life at Gould too!”

After her morning training Sophie heads back to campus to get ready for the academic day. Sophie’s current Winter Term class schedule consists of:

boarding school life“Mr. Cho working with Eddie and me on the five basic reaction types.”

Throughout the class day Sophie continues to be a leader in the classroom, a “go-to” when teachers need an answer to the tough question.

After classes Sophie is off to an Advisory Dinner with Ms. Gadd and the crew. A great time to relax and recuperate with some of her closest friends.

boarding school life“Love these girls like family.”

Q&A with Sophie:

What brought you here to Gould?

I initially came to Gould in 8th grade for the winter term program. I had the opportunity to train 6 days a week while still completing the curriculum from my school at home. The strong academic program, along with time on snow and the friendships I developed, led me to want to come back full-time as a freshman the following August!

What do you love about your schedule as a student?

I love skiing in the mornings when the snow is untouched. The feeling of skiing fresh tracks on a cold morning with your teammates is indescribable. My training schedule allows me to free my mind for half of the day, but then get back to campus to focus on academic learning in the classroom for the other half of the day. I’m definitely always busy, but I like it that way!

What are your goals while at Gould?

One specific goal I have been working on since coming to Gould is to become more confident, especially during public speaking. Another one of my major goals is to explore my varied academic interests in preparation for college and then a future occupation. Of course, I want to improve my skiing, but I also want to help us win during soccer and lax seasons.

What are your top five best moments so far?

1.  Orientation

Orientation was nerve-wracking since I had NEVER been camping before. The trip ended up being one of the highlights of my freshman year. I loved sitting around the campfire getting to know new friends and summiting stunning peaks.

2. Springtime and sunsets

During the spring, you can find students all along the upper field playing soccer, flying kites, or just enjoying the day. It’s great to see everyone socializing outdoors during their free time. When the sun starts to go down, the majestic colors over the hills shine right through the pine trees on campus making for a breathtaking view. Sunsets at Gould are memorable.

3. Winter Carnival

Winter carnival is an afternoon filled with friendly games between the dorms and day students. We all dress up in our dorm’s assigned color, and there’s an energetic atmosphere across the whole campus. The intensity level at Winter Carnival is not quite like a ski race, but the team building among friends makes this a memorable event.

boarding school life

4. Snowball

I always look forward to Snowball each December. What makes this event so special is the old-fashioned swing dancing, the live band, and the beautiful formal dresses and suits we all wear. Walking onto the dance floor under the lights with your friends is most memorable.

boarding school life

5. China Trip and other international adventures

I had the opportunity to travel to China and stay with a host family for a six days as part of Freshman Four Point. This experience was sometimes challenging due to the language barrier, but I was able to learn about cultural similarities and differences. I have also been on two trips to train for ski racing. I traveled to La Parva, Chile and to Austria. Being in a different country with teammates, classmates, coaches, and teachers makes your bond with them even stronger.

boarding school life


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