The Countdown Begins…

April 18, 2012

It hadn’t really hit yet me how close I am to graduating until last night.

After formal dinner, all the seniors had a meeting with Mr. Baker, Mrs. Manning, Ms. Libby, and a few other faculty members to talk about the end of the year, committing to colleges, what to wear to graduation….

AHHH. GRADUATION. Sitting there with my classmates, listening to Mr. Baker inform us that a high school graduation is among some of the most monumental things we will ever do, it hit me. I’m graduating in less than 40 days. In fact, as I’m writing this there are exactly 37 days until graduation. Which means about 904 hours, or about 54,268 minutes……or if you’re really counting down, its 3256108 seconds. 3256105 now.

Many of the seniors have a countdown to the faithful day (which is May 26th, by the way), either on their dorm room walls, the back of a notebook, or even their cell phones. I’ll be honest..I have one too. It’s exciting, the thought that in just a few weeks we’ll be moving off into the world on our own, and going in all different directions. It’s also really bittersweet though, since some of us have been together as a class for almost four years.

I’m not sure if any of you remember, but at the beginning of this year I talked about the “last-first’s”: all the things us seniors were doing in the beginning of the year for the “last first” time…like the “last first” formal dinner, or the “last first” home soccer game. Now I’m starting to think about the last-last’s. Our last classes, our last dorm meetings, our last dances, our last dinners on the porch, our last team picture day (tomorrow!)

I know that a lot of people are ready to move on and graduate, and that the countdowns on the cell phones are ticking away as we speak. But I also know that these next  few weeks at Gould are our last, and that I hope we can all appreciate the “last-last’s” just like we appreciated those first-first’s as freshman, sophomores, or juniors. Since after all, there’s only 3255315 seconds left until graduation now.

Til next week!



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