Blogs (and Ball Games) in Review

November 9, 2014

There’s been a lot going on here these past few weeks, illustrated best by our student and faculty Gloggers who have been blog-posting machines. They’re a great group, aren’t they?!

One major event in particular, which Cullen mentioned in his Glog post yesterday, was the Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team taking home the MAISAD Championship after beating Hebron Academy 3-1! I had a Trustee Meeting while most of the game was taking place, but those of us in meetings were able to press our noses up to the glass in the Ordway Living Room to catch the final three minutes of the second half. You probably couldn’t hear our cheering from inside (though we certainly tried to be heard), but I can tell you that the excitement was definitely there. We couldn’t be more thrilled for these young ladies! It’s a well-deserved championship title.

As it turns out, I stumbled across this fun little piece of relevant history just this past week while looking for a #TBT picture for Facebook: The first time that Gould Academy’s Varsity Girls’ Team ever won the MAISAD Championship was back in 1987 against Kents Hill. Based on the picture below and the pictures that Mr. MacKnight took and posted to our Facebook Page, I’d say that our team today plays with the same amount of determination and heart as back then.

First Ever Gould Academy MAISAD Championship - 1987

First Ever Gould Academy MAISAD Championship – 1987

Of course, Facebook and old yearbooks aren’t the only place to turn to for interesting facts and information these days, and if you haven’t checked out our blog roll page recently, I suggest that you do. There you’ll find new posts ranging from Ms. Shifrin helping the On-Snow Coaching Team with a Design-Thinking Challenge in the IDEAS Blog to 12th grader Skye F.’s recount of Mr. Catlin and some select seniors burning the midnight oil during a recent mystery weekend trip.

Plus, it should be noted that the Academics Team has also started their own blog. The working name right now is “Academics Blog” although this will likely change as more and more topics begin to appear and common themes begin to form. In the meantime, the idea for this new blog is to bring you more information about some of the topics being discussed in class and to provide you with a look at some of the insanely talented individuals who come to Gould Academy to present their skills and expertise. Four posts in and I am already hooked.

Until next Sunday – happy reading!



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