April 17, 2015

After having two free periods for the whole year, I decided to fill one of those dots with an art class for the third trimester. I chose blacksmithing mostly because I wanted to make a sword, which apparently, is a common reason for enrolling in Mrs. Head’s class. After about two weeks of school, we’ve already started making fire tools, that actually look like real fire tools. There’s a whole process to making your metal stock into a fire tool. First, you have to make your fire using newspaper and coal. Here’s the set up:

photo 1

After the tip of your metal turns orange, then you wire brush the end of it, and start to hammer. As Mrs. Head says: “Get it hot and hit it hard”.  There are many different combinations of tools, handles, and twists that you can do to your stock. Here’s John Herron ’16 hitting his metal:

photo 2


The tip of the stock is super hot, and those are all the stocks behind him. After you make your handles and “business end” (the end that touches the fire), and put all the twists in, you have to start the finishing process. First, you wire brush your tool to make it nice and shiny. Then you have to wax your piece by heating it up a bit and putting wax on it with a small towel. Maybe this process wasn’t very interesting, but I love blacksmithing and I hope everyone at Gould tries out this class. See you next time!


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