Blacksmithing with Eric Ziner.

February 23, 2011

Six students spent the morning with Eric Ziner. We are ecstatic to have Eric back with us again for sophomore four point. If you did not know already, Eric spent the fall trimester teaching a blacksmithing class her at Gould. The work he and his students accomplished in the fall was outstanding, I am sure we will have the same amazing work finished at the end of this week.

Liam started the day off cutting the metal into different lengths. During this week students will be working on completing a piece for the Gehring Hall stairway. The idea is that a variety of different sized scrolls will be pieced together and hung in Gehring.

Liam is heating up the metal so that it can be hammered and bent into a hook shape.

Here is Eric giving a demonstration of how to use the machine that will make the scrolls. Eric is very resourceful, he used the motor of an old snow machine, and a drill to make the process easier for students.

It took Emil a couple of tries to get the perfect hook he needed for the scroll.

Lydia and Mr. K worked on smoothing out these pipes. These will be used to hold the scrolls in place. Lydia is doing a great job of working of metal.

Look at all those scrolls.

All of the students are extremely invested in their work. I can’t wait to see what the final piece looks like at the end of the week. A new group of students will take over working on the piece on Friday, the collaboration between both groups of students should be great!


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